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Cardinal Gymnastics Academy
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 Whether you are trying to learn a back handspring, perfecting an old gymnastics skill or just need help with improving your strength, Team Cardinal have the qualified staff that can help you. Team Cardinal offers private lessons for our current members as well as non-members.

We offer lessons to the following:

• Cheerleaders

• Tumblers

• Competitive Gymnasts
        Women’s Artistic
        Trampoline & Tumbling 
        Choreography for Floor and Balance Beam routines

• Martial Arts

• Athletes who need Stretching/ Conditioning/ Balance
       o Football
       o Baseball
       o Soccer
       o Tennis

  • Parkour

Our private lessons are geared to help improve a specific skill or phisical ability. Private instruction will speed the learning process because of the personalized methodology used on a one-on-one eviroment. Our private lessons also helps athletes overcome “mental blocks” and "fear factors".

The price range varies from coach to coach generally depending on their experience. 

Private Packages – Purchased as a package of four or more classes and set up the same day & time each week.
Individually Scheduled – Purchased individually on as needed basis.

  • All privates must be paid and set up with the front desk
  • Times must be arranged directly with the coach but must be scheduled with the front desk at least 48 hours prior for approval and payment to front desk only. If you dont know what coach will be the best fit for your needs our personnel at the front desk will help guide you.

Private Lesson Fees individuals and groups:

  • Olympic Level coach $100 / Package of 4 lessons: $300
  • Elite Level coach $75 / Package of 4 lessons: $200
  • Level 10/9/8/7 $60 / Package of 4 lessons: $160
  • Compulsory/XCEL 3/4/5 $50 / Package of 4 lessons: $120


Lesson Structure
Individual Private Lessons – Ratio 1:1

Semi-Private Lessons – Ratio 2:1

Team Sports Lessons - 10 to 1

How to schedule a lesson

Talk to the coach first to discuss your goals, sign up with front desk; pay up front at least 48 hours prior to the private. 

Contact the instructor directly. They may be contacted by either phone or email. Be prepared with the days/times you are available to do the lessons. 

Student does NOT need be a current member. We welcome everyone who needs specialized instruction to come for private lessons.