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Cardinal Gymnastics Academy
Cardinal Gymnastics Academy


Parents…Enjoy a night out! 
CGA will provide open gym, games, a movie and snacks!

Parents, enjoy an evening out while knowing the kids are having a great time. While you are out enjoying yourself, they will be busy playing in the gym, taking part in games, watching a movie, eating a snack, and more!

• Selected Saturdays from 6:00 - 9:30 p.m.
For all children ages 3 - 18

Cost:  Please pay upon arrival
One child = $20
2 siblings = $30
3 siblings or more = $40
* Non-members are an additional $5 per child
*Children must be dropped off and picked up inside the gym

There will be free time in the gym, games, a movie and a snack! If you'd like to sign up CLICK HERE to view the calendar and reserve your spot!